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Kickstarter for the reprint of Ladislav Sutnar's Visual Design in Action

We rarely do editorial posts here, but Steve Kroeter’s site, Designers & Books is obviously close to our hearts. They have just launched a Kickstarter campaign of a type we would love to see more of and we’re happy to tell as many people about it as possible:

The Designer's Review of Books has a new Editor - Dominic Flask

Newly minted Editor, Dominic Flask, surveys his kingdom. Or visits a gallery. Regular readers will know that they haven’t had all that much to regularly read recently.

Turning Off Comments

Photo: Marc Wathieu on Flickr. Over the past year or so I’ve been getting a pretty high spam to real comment ratio on The Designer’s Review of Books, some of which are attempts to hack the blog install.

40% off Rosenfeld Media books until Friday 16th Dec

I don’t often plug products and services on The Designer’s Review of Books, but this one is too good to miss and from my publisher, the excellent Rosenfeld Media who publish “short, practical, and useful books and webinars on user experience design.

Seeking Contributors for the DRoB

I could use some help. When I started the Designer’s Review of Books, I had a bit of time on my hands and managed to keep a steady flow of weekly reviews.

[Sponsor] An Event Apart San Francisco

My thanks to An Event Apart San Francisco for sponsoring The Designer’s Review of Books again through October. The list of speakers is long, but Dave Shea’s They’re Letting Designers Code Now?