Winner of For The Love of Vinyl Competition

The For The Love of Vinyl competition has a winner.

What a difficult choice! They were all good suggestions and I was impressed by Colin and Gregory’s analysis of the several covers they chose. Loved Matt’s ELO, Out of the Blue choice for the childhood flashback it gave me (actually rifling through my brother’s albums).

Thank you to all of you who entered the competition and offered suggestions, but the winner is: drum roll… Diane Faye Zerr. Here is her comment:

If my father weren’t an engineer, I think he would have been a graphic designer. Thankfully, I’m the one who is the designer. My father has a lovely album collection that he refused to get rid of (good idea) and I used to rifle through them looking for different music and drawing inspiration. My favorites was the Moody Blues A Question of Balance and Harry Nilsson’s The Point.

This book is going to be my gift to him (if I should win) as a thanks for my love and appreciation of music and art because of him.

She won for for two reasons. One was the Moody Blues A Question of Balance cover, which reminded my of my Dad’s record collections and is a great find. The other is because she is going to give it to her dad as a gift and you can’t argue with the love of a daughter for her Dad.

Commiserations to those of you who didn’t win, but we will probably have a few more competitions in 2009, so stay sharp!